Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)


Paint Ball Splatter & Blueberry Pie (ETR Webstore Exclusive:Limited to 100 total copies)
Test Pressing BUNDLE (2 total copies: one of the ETR Exclusive & one Test pressing in hand numbered alt artwork sleeve)
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  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)
  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)
  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)
  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)
  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)
  • Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack (ETR214)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with Yellow Veil Pictures, Vinegar Syndrome & Anaxia proudly present Riddle of Fire Original Soundtrack.

Brothers Hazel (Charlie Stover) and Jodie A'Dale (Skyler Peters), along with their good friend Alice (Phoebe Ferro), pull off a daring heist to steal the latest and greatest in video game technology. Upon arriving back at the A'Dale household, and assembling a bespoke buffet of carefully arranged snacks, they plug in their newly grifted entertainment hardware to discover something even more insidious than a controller-smashing boss battle: a TV that has been password-protected by the A'Dale brothers’ mother Julie (Danielle Hoetmer), who is sick in bed. Intent on having her children spend the summer outdoors, she makes the motley crew a condition for the TV password: one blueberry pie. These words set the three leads out on a magical quest full of speckled eggs, nefarious villains (including the Enchanted Blade Gang), dance sequences, and a precocious young girl named Petal (Lorelei Olivia Mote) who may or may not be a fairy.

The feature debut of Weston Razooli who, in addition to directing, wrote, produced, edited, and stars in the film, Riddle of Fire is an evocative throwback to the coming-of-age adventure films of the 80s. Lushly photographed on location in Utah on 16mm film and featuring a luminous dungeon synth soundtrack, Riddle of Fire is a rousing, tactile fantasy for adventurous cinephiles of all ages. The film premiered in the Director's Fortnight at Cannes Film Festival in 2023, and has been a fan favorite in theaters since its release. 

Riddle of Fire is a 2xLP, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring art by Robert Sammelin. Audio remastered for vinyl by Dave Marino. Limited to 500 copies, across 3 color variants.
The Enjoy The Ride Records Exclusive "Paint Ball Splatter & Blueberry Pie" Set is limited to 100 copies & available exclusively through us while our friends at Mondo & Vinegar Syndrome also have exclusive variants.
We also have a very limited Test Pressing bundle with the ETR Exclusive variant & a test pressing on Black vinyl housed in an alternate artwork hand-numbered sleeve, limited to 24 total copies.

Side A
Dark Forest Snowfall
The Hidden Builders of Gemstone & Crystal
Riddle Of Fire - Theme 1
Blomstertid 6 - Hæl þu litlu Fughle
The Scorched Land
We Welcome Spring
The Doom of Mandos (Prophecy of the North)
Legends of a Dwarven Realm
Journey From the Kingdom of Mist

Side B
Forest of the Spring Wren
Gleaming in Shadow
The May Queen Enters the Circle
Oberon and the Mermaid
Snowy Peaks
Woodland Oasis
Twilight on Emerald Lake

Side C
Riddle Of Fire - Theme 2
The Garden of Fruit Trees & A Bad Omen
Lost Sanctuary of the Wizard
The Mountain of the Runestone
Forests of Eld
Hoard of the Wizard
Fleeing the Castle by Candlelight
Jungle Run

Side D
Spirit of the Forest
Master of the Hoard
Entrance to the Nekkethian Dwarves
Led To A Familiar Land By A Ghost

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