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  • Person L- Initial TEST PRESS BUNDLE
  • Person L- Initial TEST PRESS BUNDLE

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Person L Initial TEST PRESS bundle consists of
1x Test Pressing in hand-numbered fold-over jacket with alt artwork 
1x Rainbow Infinity Splatter Variant (Limited to 50)
1x Unique Color Mix Vinyl (Limited to 450)
Enjoy The Ride Records and Human Interest are proud to present for the very first time on vinyl, Initial by Person L. In 2006, Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line wanted to explore new musical ventures + created the band Person L in order to do so. Over the course of time leading up to the late summer 2008 release of Initial, Person L released the singles "Storms" and "Wooden Soldiers," and premiered the album on Pure Volume a few weeks before releasing it physically.

Remastered by Dave Marino for the vinyl format from the original recordings, Initial is a musically adventurous album featuring a multitude of styles, showcasing Vasoli's talent beyond what most folks knew him for with his band, The Starting Line.

Limited to 500 copies, 450 copies were created a random color mix, each with a unique color blend. 50 copies of Infinity Rainbow Splatter will also be available, but not for direct purchase -  24 of these will be guaranteed in the bundle - the other 26 will be randomly inserted into Enjoy The Ride Records web store orders. 

Track Listing
1  wooden Soldiers
2  holy Hell
3  helpYourself
4  canyonLands
5  born in the rainy days of May
6  we're gonna run our of Road
7  sunShine
8  storms
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