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The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back) is a live album by Blink-182Produced by Jerry Finn, the album was released on November 7, 2000 through MCA Records. Recorded over two nights at performances in the band's home of California in November 1999, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back) features the group performing songs from its first three albums mixed with snippets of off-color stage banter between guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus. The album peaked within the top 10 in the US and several other countries. "Man Overboard", a newly recorded studio track, accompanies the release and was issued as its lead single, peaking at #2 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.

 Pressed on black vinyl.

   Disc 1
1 Dumpweed (Side A)
2 Don't Leave Me (Side A)
3 Aliens Exist (Side A)
4 Family Reunion (Side A)
5 Going Away to College (Side A)
6 What's My Age Again? (Side A)
7 Dick Lips (Side B)
8 Blew Job
9 Untitled (Side B)
10 Voyeur (Side B)
11 Pathetic (Side B)
12 Adam's Song (Side B)

   Disc 2
1 Peggy Sue (Side A)
2 Wendy Clear (Side A)
3 Carousel (Side A)
4 All the Small Things (Side A)
5 Mutt (Side A)
6 The Country Song (Side B)
7 Dammit (Side B)
8 Man Overboard (Side B)
9 129 (Live Banter) (Side B)
10 Skit 2
11 Skit 3
12 Skit 4
13 Skit 5
14 Skit 6
15 Skit 7
16 Skit 8
17 Skit 9
18 Skit 10
19 Skit 11
20 Skit 12
21 Skit 13
22 Skit 14
23 Skit 15
24 Skit 16
25 Skit 17
26 Skit 18
27 Skit 19
28 Skit 20
29 Skit 21
30 Skit 22
31 Skit 23
32 Skit 24
33 Skit 25
34 Skit 26
35 Skit 27
36 Skit 28
37 Words of Wisdom
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