Kiev- Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth (2xlp: Distro Title)


Kiev- Falling Bough Widsom Teeth (2XLP Black)
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  • Kiev- Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth (2xlp: Distro Title)
  • Kiev- Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth (2xlp: Distro Title)

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This is an outstanding album that is just criminally obscure. Kiev is one of the most talented bands out there, who, for whatever reason, have yet to catch on with a larger audience. Part of this is due to the fact that they've only recently begun to tour outside of California. They've also only released this one album, thus far. As for the music, it's an eclectic mix of songs, many of which involve complex rhythms and multi-instrumental jams. The musicianship is stellar across the board and the songwriting is full of surprises. Comparisons to Radiohead are apt. Tell everyone you know. 

Released on Suspended Sunrise Recordings, Pressed on Limited edition Black Vinyl. Long out of press & never been sold outside the band's website or shows. We were lucky enough to get a very limited amount of copies from a band we love so be sure to grab one.

In November 2014, the band's single "Be Gone Dull Cage" was featured on The Walking Dead episode "Slabtown"


A1 Pulsing: Cough Focus 2:35
A2 Ariah Being 6:18
A3 Solving And Running 5:19
B1 Falling Bough 3:56
B2 Tube Orms 5:29
B3 Pulsing: Tired Lungs 3:51
C1 Drag Bones 4:17
C2 Animals In Garden 4:01
C3 Pulsing: Wisdom Teeth 2:36
D1 Trees Are Trees 6:03
D2 Be Gone Dull Cage 6:21
D3 Pulsing: Home Now 4:21

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