Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)


ETR Exclusive: Not Too Sweet Not Too Sour (Limited to 400): Disc 1 is Pink & Translucent Magenta Splatter on White and Disc 2 is White Splatter on Translucent Magenta **Limit of 1 per color**
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  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)
  • Closure In Moscow- Pink Lemonade (ETR137/BRRV146)

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“Do you remember the album that told the story of life? The story of a fool’s journey? A story of our desire for happiness? The story of love lost, of Satan’s cloud, of surfing cyborgs and the dinosaurs that defended us, of yawning Brahmatrons, flying robot-tiger-wizard-sharks, trickster TechnoChrists, dying in the desert and then at the end of it all, coming to the realization you need not have made the journey anyway and the happiness you seek has been inside you all along?! You do remember?!
Wonderful! Pink Lemonade will be getting re-released on CD and vinyl. This is your opportunity to gain the happiness you seek by owning a copy of this seminal piece by hot teen outfit Closure in Moscow.” - Michael Barrett, guitarist, Closure in Moscow, 2021.
The album was produced with Andrei Eremin & Tom Larkin in Melbourne, Australia and originally released independently with the support of the band’s management Sabretusk (Pete Williamson) and MGM Distribution in 2014.
Since then, the record has earned a dedicated cult following for its unique sound and ambitious conceptual narrative, as well as dabbling with Japanese pop culture, chip tune, vaudeville and musical theatre.

Liam from the Dillinger Escape Plan says of the record:
Five machine elves who go by the collective name Closure In Moscow just spiked the proverbial punchbowl with a heroic dose of powdered dinosaur placenta called Pink Lemonade. Their sophomore sipper is a psychoactive syrup that promises to save the brave from a fate worse than death: modern mainstream music. Every hemi-syncing hymn off this self-released tweaker’s dozen seamlessly unfolds with the stamina of a Jacob’s ladder toy.

It’s one thing to hear inexperienced musicians parrot their influences with insufficient concealment, and another to hear professionals refract these gospels of light back into the musical multiverse like a prism. On Pink Lemonade, Closure In Moscow have respectfully stepped up where patron saints like Zappa, Mercury, Buckley, and Brown stepped out.
With their as-yet third album on the way in 2021, now is a perfect time to introduce yourself to the world of Closure in Moscow – with their jaw-dropping musicianship and exuding a positivity like no other, by their own admission, this band is here to melt faces and take you to the moon.

Enjoy The Ride Records Exclusive Variant (US)
Not Too Sweet, Not Too Sour (Limited to 400): Disc 1 is Pink & Translucent Magenta Splatter on White and Disc 2 is White Splatter on Translucent Magenta


This is a Pre-Order for customers in the United States since there are other variants available to those across the pond. Limit 2 per customer. Please do not include any other items in this order, as you will have to wait until SUMMER 2022 to receive all of your items. The choice is yours, thanks for reading the fine print. 

Track Listing

Pink Side
The Fool 
Pink Lemonade 
Neoprene Byzantine 
Seeds of Gold 

Lemon Side
That Brahmatron Song 
Dinosaur Boss Battle 

Amulet Side
The Church of the Technochrist

ピンク Side
Beckon Fire
Happy Days
ピンク レモネード

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