RCOTM: February 2018

Written By Michele Falcone - February 07 2018


February 25 2018

Thanks! The Bananarama one was an example of cool packaging – it’s a U.K. 10” remix on picture disc, housed in a sort-of double clam shell case that spins open to reveal the record; that comes in a larger 12” plastic sleeve with a cardboard print. I bought it for the packaging alone but the song turned out to be a cover of The Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Running,” which is dance-oriented but with a Gypsy Kings-like act backing them; I’d never heard it before but it is actually pretty cool.
And yeah—Semantics, both Owsley albums and a live album out of that Nashville concert radio broadcast he did would be a dream come true.

Bob Camberlain
February 09 2018

He has great taste and I can’t believe he mentioned Owsley, man those would be amazing to have as would the Semantics release. I gotta know what that Bananrama vinyl is?

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