Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)


Broken Mirror (ETR Webstore Exclusive: Limited to 150)
Silver Nugget (ETR Webstore Exclusive: Limited to 300)
Mucas Stripe (Limited to 400)
Test Press BUNDLE (4 Total Copies: one of EACH Web store Variant + Test Pressing in alt artwork sleeve /24)
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  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)
  • Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack (ETR190)

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Enjoy The Ride Records proudly presents the Don't Fall In Love With Yourself Soundtrack.

Don't Fall in Love with Yourself
 is a documentary that explores the life of enigmatic musician and artist, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Swing Kids, Dead Cross, Planet B, Head Wound City, Deaf Club). From childhood tragedy to his rise in the San Diego punk scene, Don't Fall in Love with Yourself takes an in-depth look at a career made of blood, sweat, and spit.

Much of the footage has been sourced from dozens of VHS & Mini-DV tapes recorded over the past three decades. With never-before-seen footage of one of the most interesting and unique musical movements in recent memory. Interviews include Justin Pearson, Dave Lombardo, Eric Paul, Gabe Serbian, Jason Pettigrew, Travis Ryan, Jeremy Bolm, Jon Syverson, Molly Neuman, and more.

Don't Fall in Love with Yourself includes tracks from throughout Justin Pearson's career plus previously unreleased score music by Luke Hensgaw (Planet B), Alex Edkins (Metz) and Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck). It features music by The Locust, Swing Kids, Struggle, Crimson Curse, Retox, Planet B, and Justin Pearson/Gabe Serbian. Remastered by Dave Marino for vinyl. 

Don't Fall in Love with Yourself is housed in an embossed silver foil laminated jacket, which includes a full-color double-sided insert.

Don't Fall in Love with Yourself is limited to 1000 copies across 4 variants.

Available Variants
Broken Mirror (Limited to 150, ETR Webstore Exclusive)
Silver Nugget (Limited to 300, ETR Webstore Exclusive)
Mucus Stripe (Limited to 400, Retail Variant)

Limit of 2 per color. 

Test Bundles: STRICT LIMIT of 1 per customer/household.

Side A:
1. The Perils of Believing in Round Squares - The Locust  
2. Stop Flushing the Toilet
3. Red, White, and You - Struggle
4. It’s a (Half) Pipe Dream
5. Intro to Photography - Swing Kids
6. The Ironic Assholism of Hardy Jenns
7. Radiation Blue - The Crimson Curse
8. I Hope You Don’t Get the Joke
9. Psycho 75 - The Crimson Curse
10. Something to Guac About
11. The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office - The Locust
12. The Hill of Fool's Gold

Side B:
13. Warsaw - Swing Kids
14. AOTKPTA - The Locust
15. No Poetry Needed
16. Elephant in the Doom
17. Mature Science - Retox  
18.. Myddel Fyngir
19. Old Age Lasts Too Long - Justin Pearson/ Gabe Serbian
20. Mind Meld
21. ZZ Stop
22. Rasquache
23. Come Bogeyman - Planet B

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