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Scooter Yellow
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Reimagined for the First Time in Over 40 Years - Completely Remastered for Vinyl!

1xLP on Scooter Yellow Vinyl
Featuring timeless classics, “Rainbow Connection” and “Movin’ Right Along”
Album Art by Kevin Wilson
Music by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher
Mastered for Vinyl by Dave Gardner

“Keep believing, keep pretending;
We’ve done just what we’ve set out to do,
Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and YOU!”

It’s an absolute dream come true for iam8bit to collaborate with The Muppets Studio and Walt Disney Records to release this completely remastered revival of The Muppet Movie soundtrack on vinyl. (That feels sooooo good to say.) More than 40 years since its original release in 1979, we’ve rummaged backstage at The Muppet Theatre to dust off timeless recordings like the Oscar-nominated “Rainbow Connection” and the road trip ditty, “Movin’ Right Along,” sparing no executional detail to give this album the treatment it deserves. The music by legends, Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher is undisputedly excellent, charming in its love of lyricism, with perfectly-honed harmonies and arrangements. These are the songs that rocketed The Muppets from mere TV stardom to the realm of rockstars, featuring outstanding performances by Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (with Animal on wicked drums), and so many more. Statler and Waldorf would even approve of the outstanding album artwork by Kevin Wilson, who approached this design not merely as a commission, but as a lifelong obsession with The Muppets.

Scooter Yellow Vinyl, Limit of 2 per customer

Track List

Side A
Rainbow Connection
Movin' Right Along
Never Before, Never Again
Never Before, Never Again (Instrumental)
I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along

Side B
Can You Picture That?
I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along (Instrumental)
I'm Going to Go Back There Someday
Animal...Come Back Animal
Finale: The Magic Store


Please note: This is a distributed title (which means another label pressed this release), so we do not have any extra jackets for this release in case of minor damage by the USPS in transit. To clarify, It will come packaged in a full-color jacket (as pictured) sealed with plastic wrap UNLESS requested in the comment section of your order to "open the album & place outside of the jacket prior to shipping." This is a good way to prevent potential seam splits along the top of the jacket due to careless handling by the post office, and this service is free of charge. If you forget to write in the comments of your order about shipping outside of the jacket, PLEASE EMAIL US WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER and ask us to update the notes on your order to ship outside of the jacket. Release days are hectic, especially the first few hours, so please give ample time for a response. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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