Transformers Original Television Series Score - On Sale Friday, March 9

Written By Michele Falcone - March 06 2018


December 10 2018

Please put me on the list to be notified when this and the GIJoe Original Television Score are released on CD. I’ll buy those in a heartbeat.

August 24 2018

Thanks for putting out another batch. I got my Soundwave version yesterday. Wonderful stuff! Will you be doing a sequel record? There is still plenty of G1 music unreleased. I’m not talking about the GI Joe cross over music (which should be on its own albumn, IMO), but the score specific to Transformers. A lot of awesome stuff especially from Season 1, used again in Season 2.

Ray Sullivan
March 16 2018

The “limit” of 5 per variant was ridiculous. I had one of each but by the time I paid only Megatron was left. I probably didn’t need 2… but who needs 10! They shouldn’t be enabling scalpers.

March 11 2018

Jeff, Enjoy the Ride gave a lot of notice of when the sale was going to occur. Way more than enough to organise yourself. ‘Enjoy’ cant make a particualr time when everyone is home, sitting in front of their computers with a cup of coffee next to them, ready to make the purchase when it drops. I’m in Perth, Western Australia and had to sit at my PC at 1am in the morning. That’s what had to be done, so I did it.

Also the scalpers aren’t making you do anything. Price too high for you, don’t buy it. Simple!

Take some responsibility for yourself, you missed out, your fault! You had to work? Well should of got a friend or family to do it for you… We all can’t all be there to hold your hand through life.

“Peace through tyranny.”

March 11 2018

Kinda annoyed that the release was both at an odd time and that I had to work when it happened. Also annoyed when scalpers get this kind of crap and then try to get people to pay out the nose on ebay..

March 09 2018

Sale started 2 hours and 23 minutes ago, and I just bought mine on ThinkGeek very easily. It’s the Bumblebee disc, but since Megatron and Optimus Prime are gone, who cares

Soul Bro Ryu
March 09 2018

My friend and I were here at Noon sharp and got ours with no problems (1 record each, of course). Shame there were only 2000 between the website and ThinkGeek. Hopefully there’s a second pressing soon with new variants (like Jazz, Soundwave, Blaster, etc).

Hopefully anyone who missed out will get one next run. From what I ready, ETR may do another run if the response for the first pressing was successful. I don’t know how more successful you can get unless you’re selling cocaine.

Waited 34 long years for this, Thanks, Enjoy the Ride!


March 09 2018

Thanks DJ Padawan. I wasn’t able to get Optimus, but I would have missed Megatron too if you hadn’t posted the link.

Ash Black
March 09 2018

Was able to purchase mine right at 1100 am Central. When the home page didn’t change after the third refresh, I searched in the bar and found it. Bought one copy of each variant, debating on buying the bumblebee variant from ThinkGeek. Process was smooth.

Matt D.
March 09 2018

First time buyer here got my Megatron variant smoothly. Thanks to everyone at Easy Ride Records. Peace Through Tyranny!

Black jesus
March 09 2018

Because of the cocksuckers who only bought these to scalp now I have to go on evil bay and pay five times as much enjoy the rides records you guys should be ashamed of yourself you guys are just as bad and are equal cocksuckers in my book. I hope the founder of the site ends up dead in a ditch with his cock cut off and shove down his throat and if he has a daughter I hope she gets gangbanged by bunch of big black guys assholes

March 09 2018

The clock hit noon and was able to purchase the Optimus prime version and check out with no problems

For everyone who is angry that they didn’t get theirs don’t be mad at this site be mad at the people that bought five at a time

March 09 2018

Thanks Enjoy The Ride, got my copies!! :)
Order went through flawlessly.

Unicron's Head
March 09 2018

Think Geek still has the Bumblebee version in stock

March 09 2018

Had Megatron copy in cart, got through Paypal ok and then when I selected shipping it had gone. Picked up,a copy on Think Geek though. It went on sale 30 mins early.

Richy Wood
March 09 2018

Not impressed. Sold out in 4 minutes before you can even go through checkout.

March 09 2018

My gratitude to the folks who posted the CORRECT link. A search for “transformers” only pulls up this page.

Nevertheless, I got shut out, so I gave my money to ThinkGeek instead, who didn’t screw up the process.

Art S
March 09 2018

This is some bullshit!! Had the items in my cart and sold out while I was paying. Why can’t sites do like Amazon or tickets, where it gives you 5 min to check out. And seriously, why such a small run? And also, why was the order page not shown? I had to come to the comments section yo find the page!!!

You guys better do a repress since this sold out in 5 fucking minutes. I’m upset because I’ve been waiting all morning for this bs!!!!!!!

March 09 2018

While not as cool Bumblebee is still available on Think Geek

Eugene Johnson
March 09 2018

Man, that didn’t last long. I got my copy, but I’m assuming this launch was a success considering both versions sold out inside of 10 minutes.

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