Vylumi SparQ Bundle


Vylumi SparQ Bundle with Vault Dust Cover & Hardcover Book (In hand & ready to ship)
Vylumi SparQ Bundle with Vault Dust Cover & Hardcover Book (Pre order shipping late Feb 2023)
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  • Vylumi SparQ Bundle
  • Vylumi SparQ Bundle
  • Vylumi SparQ Bundle
  • Vylumi SparQ Bundle
  • Vylumi SparQ Bundle

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Enjoy The Ride Records and Vylümi are happy to bring y'all the Vylümi SparQ BundleThis new and improved Vylümi model allows multiple colors to be displayed at one time to create a variety of hypnotic effects!  With 12 customizable music modes64+ light modes, and millions of DIY options, you'll find new amazing way to display your vinyl collection for any occasion!

As with all Vylümi Shine products, you need not worry about heat damaging your records with our low powered LEDs and patent pending "air-gap" architecture.  Your record will be free from scratches and falls with our patent pending "nub" that floats your record off the face of the Vylümi and holds it securely in place with its angled construction.



AC Powered with native 110V and 220V power supply (plug adapter needed for outside of North America)
Controlled with a Smartphone or Tablet over Bluetooth 
Select from millions of color options
12 customizable Music Sync Modes
64+ Light modes and deep DIY customization
Metal stand included, drop me a note if you want a saw-toothed wall hanger added
Power Cord is approximately 4 feet long
Strong Strobe effect, so here is your warning


The Vylümi Sparq Bundle includes a Vylümi Sparq, a Vault Dust Cover and a copy of the book In The Grooves: A Visual History of the Vinyl Record.


Please Note: We will have 50 Bundles ready to ship next week.

We also have a second option for a pre-order for an additional 50, which will ship mid-late February. Just use the drop-down menu in the store listing to select.


The Vylümi Sparq Bundle MUST BE PURCHASED ALONE, due to the nature of how this will be shipped. You will be shipped two separate packages. The book ships by itself, and Vylümi Sparq and Vault Dust Cover will ship together, so you will receive two tracking numbersPlease be patient while you wait to receive confirmation. Once shipped, you will receive emails with tracking.


Limit of 1 bundle per customer.

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