The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos


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  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos
  • The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos

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The Legendary Decks - Wave 2: Shadow of Chaos

Claim back the feeling of holding music you love in the palm of your hands through collectible cards linked to exclusive new music. Enjoy a premium tactile experience with gorgeous nostalgia art inspired by 80s and 90s cartoons. Brought to you by Giovanni Rotondo, the composer of The 8-bit Time Adventures.

Our beautifully printed cards house a few high-tech secrets!
Hard PVC means your cards will better stand the test of time. Furthermore, they feel great in your hands and assure you'll get a premium experience throughout. A near-field communication chip allows you to trigger the playback of new and exclusive music by Giovanni Rotondo on any modern smartphone. You will once again feel the joy of physical support for the music you love! This technology will also allow us to add new functionalities to our cards over time. Every card includes an augmented reality marker embedded in the art. This will allow us in a near future to further enhance your experience with additional layers of interaction.

The music and artworks of this collection are imagined with an epic narrative in mind. The main characters (or 'the travelers') can perform interdimensional jumps through an ancient technology known as The Legendary Decks. These mythical devices are said to open the gates to the world of Nostalgia. In this dream-like land, our travelers can summon heroes and villains reminiscent of their favorite cartoons from the 80s and 90s. This is their chance to fight and defeat a mysterious evil overlord with the power of music and save both worlds.

We have incredible plans for the future! Imagine that your cards become part of a revolutionary game, powered by near-field communication and augmented reality, where you can complete exciting single-player campaigns or challenge your friends to unique multiplayer battles, for hours of music-filled fun! The first edition cards are not only super rare but will also bring higher stats to your deck, boosting your chances of winning the game. All of this is possible and already in the works but its deployment will depend on the success of the project's first phase, which you can determine. How? By collecting our cards and sharing your love for them with the world!

Rhythmic Traveller
Class: Mythical
SP: Glitter

Napoleon is a very bright kid. He managed to find a Legendary Deck and he is ready to embark on a very dangerous mission: travel to Nostalgia and bring back home Max after 30 years from his disappearance.


Villainous Summon
Class: Rare
SP: Brushed

He was once an agent of the law. He was the law... the sheriff of the planet Westos to be precise. But his best friend double-crossed him and he ended up in the hands of the most violent gang in town. What emerged from that is the quintessence of evil.


Virtuous Summon
Class: Super Rare
SP: Prism

He is the leader of the Star Ecology Squad. A powerful ally to summon when you need to beat formidable opponents or to make the universe a better place.

Cursed Instrument
Class: Common

A powerful instrument that seems to be calling you. Nothing can stop you when you wield it but beware of losing yourself in its sound... Some say it belonged to the Wicked Overlord himself....

Introducing Rarity Classes
Starting with this wave we are introducing an awesome rarity system. Each of the 4 cards in the Shadow of Chaos wave will feature a different class level. These are: Common, Rare, Super-Rare, Mythical. There is a fifth class, Legendary, but we aren't introducing any new Legendary-class cards at this stage.

Every purchase of 1 card will be picked at random. To see what odds you'll have to get each class, please check the info below. We are also making available a very limited number of bundles of all 4 cards. They will cost the price of 4 single cards. We suspect these will move very fast so if you are interested make sure you get them as soon as sales start.

Common — 65% or about 3 in 5 cards
Rare — 20% or 1 in 5 cards
Super-Rare — 10% or 1 in 10 cards
Mythical — 5% or 1 in 20 cards

Lastly you'll notice 'SP' marked after some of the cards' classes. This means special foil. This wave will feature SP cards for each class above common. In future waves, SP cards will be included in very small numbers among the various classes.


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