The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)


Kranios (Villanous Summon)
Max (The First Traveler)
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  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)
  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)
  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)
  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)
  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)
  • The Legendary Decks NFC Trading Cards (Distro)

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Claim back the feeling of holding music you love in the palm of your hands through collectible cards linked to exclusive new music. Enjoy a premium tactile experience with gorgeous nostalgia art inspired by 80s and 90s cartoons. Brought to you by Giovanni Rotondo, the composer of The 8-bit Time Adventures.

Our beautifully printed cards house a few high-tech secrets!
Hard PVC means your cards will better stand the test of time. Furthermore, they feel great in your hands and assure you'll get a premium experience throughout. A near-field communication chip allows you to trigger the playback of new and exclusive music by Giovanni Rotondo on any modern smartphone. You will once again feel the joy of physical support for the music you love! This technology will also allow us to add new functionalities to our cards over timeEvery card includes an augmented reality marker embedded in the art. This will allow us in a near future to further enhance your experience with additional layers of interaction.

The music and artworks of this collection are imagined with an epic narrative in mind. The main characters (or 'the travelers') can perform interdimensional jumps through an ancient technology known as The Legendary Decks. These mythical devices are said to open the gates to the world of Nostalgia. In this dream-like land, our travelers can summon heroes and villains reminiscent of their favorite cartoons from the 80s and 90s. This is their chance to fight and defeat a mysterious evil overlord with the power of music and save both worlds.

We have incredible plans for the future! Imagine that your cards become part of a revolutionary game, powered by near-field communication and augmented reality, where you can complete exciting single-player campaigns or challenge your friends to unique multiplayer battles, for hours of music-filled fun! The first edition cards are not only super rare but will also bring higher stats to your deckboosting your chances of winning the game. All of this is possible and already in the works but its deployment will depend on the success of the project's first phase, which you can determine. How? By collecting our first edition cards and sharing your love for them with the world!


Max - The First Traveler

Max could have had it all. He was popular among his peers, a role model student of theoretical physics and never shied away from helping those in need. We all have a dark side, you know? But his dark side prevailed. He became fixated with finding these things, these mythical artefacts… The Legendary Decks, he called them. He was convinced they could bring him to a different reality, a better world. He faded away from society and eventually he has disappeared…or has he?! Anyways, why are you interviewing me again? I’m just the janitor, get lost and let me do my job!

Kranios - Villainous Summon

Assistant explorer log. Rocky mountains of Romania, January 2023. Today after an exhaustingly long campaign we found what my employer has been looking for: a sinister looking cassette tape carrying the following inscription: "them who place this key within a legendary deck will wield the power of the Lords of Rock. Beware of their leader, the nefarious bass mage of destruction also known as Kranios.” Now can we start looking for actual treasures?!


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This release is a pre-order and we anticipate a Late October shipping date. When the cards are in hand, we will be sure to mention they have arrived on Instagram & Facebook, as to not clog up your inbox. Enjoy The Ride Records will be fulfilling orders in the US. If you are ordering internationally, we encourage you to order directly from Giovanni's store for a better shipping rate!


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