The Ataris- Silver Turns To Rust (Distro Title)


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Enjoy The Ride Records is proud to be the official North American retailer for The Ataris Silver Turns To Rust, a rare European import. Tracks 1-4 are from The Ataris unreleased album The Graveyard of the Atlantic 
Tracks 5-10 are from the October in This Railroad Earth EP
Tracks 11-12 are demos of two new unreleased songs

Recorded at Flying Blanket Recording, Mesa, Arizona. Tracked on a 1978 Neve 8078 console, using only vintage amps, guitars and microphones. All songs recorded and mixed to Analog tape. 

1. All Souls‘ Day 
2. Fast Times At Dropout High 
3. 12.15.10 
4. The Graveyard of The Atlantic 
5. Slacker Rock 
6. They Live, We Sleep 
7. Trash Panda 
8. Peel Sessions 
9. Beauty Eh? 
10. Silver Turns To Rust 
11. Some Notes To Bach and Haydn 
12. You and Your Perfect Li(f)e

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