The 8-bit Time Capsule Cassette Tape (ETR180C)


Gray with UV Pad Print
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  • The 8-bit Time Capsule Cassette Tape (ETR180C)
  • The 8-bit Time Capsule Cassette Tape (ETR180C)
  • The 8-bit Time Capsule Cassette Tape (ETR180C)
  • The 8-bit Time Capsule Cassette Tape (ETR180C)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in collaboration with Giovanni Rotondo is excited to present The 8-bit Time Capsule in a limited edition cassette tape. This concept album takes listeners on an explorative journey into imagined timelines of iconic video game franchises, uncovering their long-lost chapters that were sealed away in a time capsule.

The cassette edition encapsulates this unique audio adventure in a vibrant package, inspired by the memorable N64 game boxes. Crafted in a striking UV Full Body Print on a Cartridge Gray cassette tape, and housed in a stylish O-card, further elevates its nostalgic appeal.

Inside the cassette, you'll encounter 8 tracks that re-imagine beloved franchises, painting "what-if" scenarios across varied musical genres. From orchestral grandeur to the electrifying energy of metal, from the rhythmic pulse of rock to the dynamic flow of hip-hop, this album crafts a cinematic narrative that adds new dimensions to the worlds of these popular games.

The cassette tapes are limited to 150 copies, making it a prized addition to any collection.

Track Listing:
Side A
Flying Egg Island (Yoshi-inspired)
Old Man Mario (Super Mario Brothers-inspired) Curse of the Ocarina (Zelda-inspired)
Samus Lullaby (Metroid-inspired)

Side B
Prohibition Town (GTA-inspired)
The Cake is Real (Portal-inspired)
The Spherical Block (Minecraft-inspired) Red Dead Metal (Red Dead-inspired)

Previews of the tracks from The 8-bit Time Capsule can be accessed at

Unearth these buried treasures of gaming history and dive into the captivating musical journey that is The 8-bit Time Capsule.

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