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Mondo and Vinyl Films are excited to continue their ongoing Cameron Crowe director's series with the 1992 seminal soundtrack to SINGLES.

The Singles soundtrack was released in early 1992, a full three months before the film opened, and it was an instant hit, eventually selling over two million copies. It's the perfect snapshot of Grunge, Seattle at a certain place and time. Cameron Crowe made Singles a full year before Grunge became one of the last cultural phenomenons of pre-internet times. The soundtrack is phenomenal, featuring every Seattle band that was hot at the time (except Nirvana).

Alice In Chains delivers 'Would?' a dark gothic grunger about former Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood (who died of a drug overdose). The spectre of Andrew Wood looms large on this soundtrack; his band's fingerprints can be heard throughout the score. Their epic 'Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns' closes out side A, and both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden (featuring former MLB members) turn in some of their best songs. Paul Westerberg, fresh from breaking up the incredible The Replacements, has two solo songs, including the mini hit 'Dyslexic Heart'. Also featured are The Screaming Trees, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimi Hendrix and The Lovemongers, and let us not forget the incomparable Mudhoney with the barbed 'Overblown'.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest soundtracks ever released. Singles also includes a 20 Page Replica Japanese Zine, and is pressed on 2xLP 180g black vinyl.


Side A
1. Would? - Performed by Alice In Chains 3:26
2. Breath - Performed by Pearl Jam 5:05
3. Seasons - Performed by Chris Cornell 5:45

Side B
4. Dyslexic Heart - Performed by Paul Westerberg 4:28
5. Battle of Evermore - Performed by The Lovemongers 5:40
6. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns - Performed by Mother Love Bone 8:15

Side C
7. Birth Ritual - Performed by Soundgarden 6:05
8. State of Love and Trust - Performed by Pearl Jam 3:47
9. Overblown - Performed by Mudhoney 2:58
10. Waiting for Somebody - Performed by Paul Westerberg 3:25

Side D
11. May This Be Love - Performed by Jimi Hendrix 3:09
12. Nearly Lost You - Performed by Screaming Trees 4:06
13. Drown - The Smashing Pumpkins 8:16

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