Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant


Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant
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  • Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant
  • Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant
  • Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant

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This listing is for the Limited Edition Scrooged Liquid Filled "Snow Globe" Variant
Enjoy The Ride Records and Paramount Pictures are proud to present the Danny Elfman score to Scrooged, available for the first time on vinyl. The iconic 80s holiday dramedy is based on the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol and is directed by Richard Donner (The GooniesLethal Weapon films, Tales From The Crypt), features Bill Murray, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Johansen, Carol Kane and a host of other Hollywood veterans. The score is a real treat to revisit, as you can hear many elements that would become the iconic Elfman sound in future projects, such as Batman, Batman Returns, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and Tales From The Crypt. The score jumps all over, from cheery holiday tunes to dark and sinister sounds, perfectly capturing the story depicted in the film. This vinyl release is pressed on 140 gram colored vinyl, housed in a 350gsm jacket that features the iconic Bill Murray promo image and includes an insert, featuring credits and production shots. The album also contains bonus tracks and source cues for your listening pleasure.
Track List


1.              Main Titles/ Terrorist Attack (02:34)

2.              Eliot Gets Fired / Loud and Clear / Frank’s Run (01:22)

3.              Montage: Frank’s Award and Eliot on the Street (01:39)

4.              Lew’s Arrival (02:03)

5.              The Hand Grab (01:51)

6.              Lew’s Reprise (00:51)

7.              Claire’s Theme I / Claire’s Theme II (01:15)

8.              Set Collapse (00:20)

9.              A Horror in Chez Jay / Highball / Waiter Ablaze (01:20)

10.           Wild Cab Ride (01:33)

11.           Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay / Cupid’s Arrow / Change of Expression (01:33)

12.           Eliot Gives Blood / Christmas Present (01:02)

13.           Fairy (02:15)

14.           Toast to Frank (00:32)

15.           The Big Freeze (01:26)



16.           Showtime at IBC (01:08)

17.           Family Portrait / Ghost on Screen (00:49)

18.           Eliot Stalks Frank (01:08)

19.           Asylum / Luncheon / Crematorium / On Fire (03:48)

20.           Hallelujah Chorus (G.F. Handel) / The Romp (02:18)

21.           The Big Speech (01:21)


Bonus Tracks

22.           Loud and Clear (alternate) (00:30)

23.           Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay§ (alternate) (00:43)

24.           Toast to Frank (alternate) (00:34)

25.           The Big Freeze (alternate) (01:25)

26.           The Big Freeze (alternate mix) (01:27)

27.           Asylum (no choir) (00:59)

28.           Crematorium (more percussion) (01:30)

29.           The Big Speech (alternate) (03:12) 

30.            Frank's Promo



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