Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)


2xlp Peppermint Candy Variant (Limited to 150)
2xlp Red Flames Variant (Limited to 250)
2xlp Candy & Fury Splatter (Limited to 400) **Limit of 1 per color**
Test Pressing Bundle (4 total copies: one of EACH Web Store Variant + Alt Artwork Hand Numbered Test Pressing)
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  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)
  • Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury [Deluxe Edition] (ETR182)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in collaboration with Rock Ridge Music proudly present Reel Big Fish - Candy Coated Fury (Deluxe Edition). Available in a deluxe edition for the first time, Candy Coated Fury includes previously unreleased live and demo tracks. Featuring guest vocals from Coolie Ranx (The Toasters, Pilfers)Brian Klemm (Suburban Legends)Laila K and Barney Boom (Sonic Boom Six) and Julie Stoyer (Dick and Jane)Candy Coated Fury is a fun album that'll make you want to dance around and sing along! Candy Coated Fury is pressed on 2xLP colored vinyl and features art by Thom Foolery, housed in a gatefold jacket. The cover has a glow-in-the-dark layer, which reveals the characters' skeletons

Candy Coated Fury is limited to 1,000 copies across 4 colorful variants.

Side A
Everyone Else Is An Asshole
She's Not The End Of The World
Don't Let Me Down Gently
I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore

Side B
Hiding In My Headphones
I Dare You To Break My Heart
Your Girlfriend Sucks
Don't Stop Skankin'

Side C
Famous Last Words
Lost Cause
I Love/You Suck
P.S. I Hate You
The Promise

Side D
Bonus Tracks
Everyone Else is an Asshole (Live in NYC, 2013)
Angry Anthem (Live on Long Island, 2013)
I Know You Too Well (Live on Long Island, 2013)
Your Girlfriend Sucks (Demo, January, 2012)
G is for Jam (Demo, January 2012)

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