P.O.S - Never Better 3xLP DELUXE 10 Year Reissue (Distro Title)


3xLP Deluxe Never Better
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  • P.O.S - Never Better 3xLP DELUXE 10 Year Reissue (Distro Title)

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P.O.S - Never Better (Distro Title, Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Originally released in February 2009, P.O.S' third album, Never Better, was met with critical acclaim propelling his aggressive fusion of grinding beats and radical lyrics into critics' charts and fans' hearts worldwide. Never Better showed P.O.S was reaching his prime, rapping at full clip to ride rolling drums and revving distortion, and bending genres at a time when people were still bending over backward to fit within categorizations. P.O.S has always seen genres as permeable, and the resulting Never Better was nothing if it wasn't noisy, badass, and impossible to ignore.

For the 10th anniversary of this outstanding release, we've produced a very special, limited-edition triple-vinyl pressing of Never Better. This deluxe 3xLP re-issue comes packaged in a 12" gatefold jacket housing Cyan, Magenta & Yellow-colored triple vinyl, with a screen-printed side F, as well as inside-pocket printing and a free digital download card. It also features four bonus tracks; "Slint" and "Let it Rattle (demo version)", as well as two live recordings of "Purexed" and "Terrorish" from a special performance on TPT's The Lowertown Line. Whether you're just tuning in, or completing your collection, this anniversary re-issue is sure to hold its own amongst many genres, and amidst any vinyl collection.

01: Let It Rattle
02: Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)
03: Savion Glover
04: Purexed
05: Graves (We Wrote The Book)
06: Goodbye
07: Get Smokes
08: Been Afraid
09: Low Light Low Life
10: The Basics (Alright)
11: Out Of Category
12: Optimist (We Are Not For Them)
13: Terrorish
14: Never Better
15: The Brave and the Snake
16: Handmade Handgun

[Bonus Tracks]
17: Slint
18: Let It Rattle (Demo)
19: Purexed (Live at The Lowertown Line)
20: Terrorish (Live at The Lowertown Line)

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