Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)


Baby Pink White & Sky Blue Swirled vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)
Test Pressing Bundle (Exclusive test pressing in alt artwork hand numbered jacket with colored vinyl copy & exclusive dual colored cassette tape)
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  • Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)
  • Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)
  • Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)
  • Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)
  • Luz: The Flower OF Evil (ETR128)

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Enjoy The Ride Records, Afasia Media & Films S.A.S and Brian Heater Music proudly presents "LUZ: The Flower of Evil" (LUZ / Luz, la flor del mal) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available for the first time on vinyl. 

Featuring original music by American composer Brian Heater; this mystical, spiritual, atmospheric yet dark and beautiful soundtrack works perfectly for this trippy Colombian Fantasy Western and Folk Horror fairytale written and directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, which premiered at Sitges 2019 Official Fantastic Competition and had a vast festival ran. 

The film has often been compared to The Witch, Hagazussa, Midsommar, among others and its tone has been defined as Alejandro Jodorowsky's meets Terrence Malick’s."LUZ: The Flower of Evil" is limited to 300 copies, pressed on a 140 gram Baby Pink, White & Sky Blue Swirled vinyl and housed in a 350gsm jacket, this release also comes with a full color insert “director statement".

A limited amount of Baby Pink/Sky Blue Split cassette tapes will also be available in the test pressing bundles along with a black test pressing in hand-numbered alt artwork sleeve & a regular colored vinyl copy.

Track Listing

Side A
Empty Hands
The Tree of Life
Adam, Uma, Zion & Jesus
Uma Trouble

Side B
Feliz Cumpleaños
Death of a child
Jesus is Saved

Haven't seen the film yet? Check out the Director's Statement and trailer below.

"I consider "LUZ: The Flower Of Evil," more than a film, a beast of its own, it is a gateway to heaven and at the same time it is a descent into hell, is a nostalgic portrait that delves into topics such as faith, hope and the darkness that lives within us all and how men through his primitive desires corrupts everything he touches, femininity and nature, which for me are the two most beautiful things that exist, filled with purity and innocence. 

It is a lyrical and poetic dark lullaby of a film, whose purpose is to question the viewer and their own morality and faith. It is not a crowd pleaser neither is it filled with jump scares. My purpose is to portrait the real horrors of faith and men through an atmospheric Jodorowskian trip, filled with gorgeous vistas, in which the beauty of nature is a simmering evil.

The film serves as an approach into mysticism, spirituality and the cruelty of religion and patriarchy.

"LUZ" is a Dark Fantasy Western Folk Horror film, which shows the two faces of mankind, as we are all Good but at the same time we are all Evil. God and The Devil lives within us all and we have to learn to live with it."  - Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, Writer and Director

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