Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2xLP)


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America's king of clean comedy delivers wickedly funny jokes in his fifth hour-long special.

 Pressed on 2xLP black vinyl.

Weird If You Didn't Clap 3:06
Belt 2:03
Season 8:22
Mary Had A Little Lamb 1:40
Hiking 3:14
SUVs & Pick Ups 2:44
Binge Watching 8:16
Morning Person 2:12
Pirates 1:34
Fairs 1:28
Elevators & Waterparks 2:00
I'm A Man! 2:58
Box Of Donuts 3:24
International Travel 4:34
Jesus Great Shape 2:25
Steak 3:51
Animal Lover 2:33
Fish 2:22
This Look 2:01
Easier To Be A Guy 1:46
Traveling With Killers 3:17
Jeannie 3:15
My Dad (From Economics Ii, Chimichanga Prod. 2001) 3:05
Weird If You Didn't Clap (Commentary) 2:35
Belt (Commentary) 2:44
Season (Commentary) 5:51
Mary Had A Little Lamb (Commentary) 1:03
Hiking (Commentary) 1:48
SUVs & Pick Ups (Commentary) 1:53
Binge Watching (Commentary) 1:53
Morning Person (Commentary) 1:01
Pirates (Commentary) 1:14
Fairs (Commentary) 1:54
Elevators & Waterparks (Commentary) 1:50
I'm A Man! (Commentary) 2:02
Box Of Donuts (Commentary) 1:30
International Travel (Commentary) 2:47
Jesus Great Shape (Commentary) 2:24
Steak (Commentary) 1:44
Animal Lover (Commentary) 1:41
Fish (Commentary) 0:59
This Look (Commentary) 0:43
Easier To Be A Guy (Commentary) 1:12
Traveling With Killers (Commentary) 1:12
Jeannie (Commentary) 1:42
My Dad (Commentary) 3:01

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