Hey Arnold Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled)


Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled) Variant
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  • Hey Arnold Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled)
  • Hey Arnold Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled)
  • Hey Arnold Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled)

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Before ordering NOTE: The liquid-filled MUST be ordered separately and Priority Shipping needs to be chosen at checkout (these have to be insured, due to the nature of the item). Limit of 1 per customer - if you order more, your order will be canceled!

This listing is for the Limited Edition Yahoo Soda (Liquid Filled) variant of Hey Arnold The Music Vol 1. 

 Created using two Coke Bottle Clear records & fIlled with "Yahoo Soda" effervescent liquid, these limited edition records are housed in a 400gsm gatefold jacket with brand new original exclusive artwork by show creator Craig Bartlett, as well as a locket shaped center label for the A Side and a fisheye view of Gerald and Arnold for the B Side, this is a release you don't want to miss out on!

A Side
Theme 98
Ice Me Down
Idea Montage
The A Game
Home Wit Jerome
Chalk On The Wall
Wyze Gyze
Phil Steps Out (Grandpa's Theme)
The Weather Channel
Harold's Boogie
A Crazy Night
Invisible Hippo
Parents Day
Helga's Love Theme
Groove Remote
Stompin' (End Credits)

B Side
You Crazy Cat
Pop Daddy Remix
Salt! Salt!
Arnold Habanera
Ride of BrunHelga
Hip Hopera
The Simple Things
In Da House
My Last Bow
Old Tomorrow
I Will Prevail
I'll Hit Me!
The Engineer's Song
Better Not Touch My Gal
Eugene! Eugene!
Nice Guys Finish Last
When Life Gives You Lemons, Dance!

 Disclaimer* This should be common sense, but we have been asked if the liquid inside is drinkable - NO it is NOT, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO OPEN & DRINK THE LIQUID INSIDE. This is a collectible & functional piece of ART that is made to last & NOT meant to be consumed!

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