Hard Ticket To Hawaii Soundtrack CASSETTE Tape (ETR117C)

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Snake Green Cassette
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  • Hard Ticket To Hawaii Soundtrack CASSETTE Tape (ETR117C)
  • Hard Ticket To Hawaii Soundtrack CASSETTE Tape (ETR117C)

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Enjoy The Ride Records and Malibu Bay Films proudly present Hard Ticket To Hawaii, An Andy Sidaris Film. Composed by Gary Stockdale and Kevin Klingler, the musical accompaniment perfectly compliments the film, Directed by the late Andy Sidaris and Produced by Arlene Sidaris. Hard Ticket To Hawaii is filled with bullets, bombs & babes - its James Bond meets Baywatch. An undercover DEA agent and her civilian friend stumble upon a drug trafficking operation. They enlist the help of their colleagues to go after the vicious drug kingpin.

Snake Green - 35 copies

A limited amount of bundles will also be available, which will include an orange cassette tape, which is only available in the bundle.

Track Listing

Side A
String Em Up
Main Title Hard Ticket To Hawaii
Morning Shower
Song Hard Ticket To Hawaii
Duel In The Sun
Cutting The Lines
Love On The Beach
Skates Shooting
Michelle or Michael
What Sumo
Snake Shots
Right On
Bad Guys House
With A Kiss

Side B
Rowdy Love
Seth and Chang
Getting Loaded
Frisbee Too
Rowdeys Raiders
Stormin The Fort
Lifes A Bitch
Then You Die
Job Well Done
We Forgot Seth
Seth Returns
Seth Also Rises
Seth Tries Again
Bathroom Break
Seth Croaks
Snake Bites
Limo Party
Visit To Chang
Chang Bang
True Love
On The Express
Song Hard Ticket
*These should ship sometime around June as we are a small company & have had a very busy few months*

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