GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)


2XLP "Police Siren" Red & Blue Split
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  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)
  • GOTHAM '89 (Distro Title)

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In Shapeshift Records' first re-imagined album, we are proud to present GOTHAM '89... Anar Keytarman masterfully transforms Danny Elfman's iconic score to Tim Burton's 1989 classic, Batman, into a video game soundtrack for the 16-bit title that should have existed.

This ultimate 2 disc set contains the complete score and several unforgettable soundtrack selections by Prince pressed on heavyweight 180 gram, two toned "Police Siren" Red & Blue vinyl.  Featuring killer artwork by Tom Pollock Jr and Harry Shotton, this album is a must have for any Batman fan.

Mastered for vinyl by Mauri Merko.

Audio previews can be heard in this awesome teaser video if you are on the fence. Check it out here


A1 Main Title
A2 Family, First Batman & Roof Fight
A3 Jack vs Eckhardt
A4 Up Building
A5 Bat Zone/Axis Set-up
A6 Shootout
A7 Dinner Transition, Kitchen Dinner & Surgery
A8 Stair Kiss/Face-Off & Beddy Bye
B1 Vicki Spies (Flowers)
B2 Clown Attack
B3 Men at Work
B4 Paper Spin & Alicia's Mask
B5 Vicki Gets a Gift
B6 Prince-Partyman
B7 Batman to the Rescue, Batmobile Charge/Street Fight
B8 Descent into Mystery
B9 Batcave & Paper Throw
B10 Joker's Poem
B11 Sad Pictures
C1 Dream/Challenge/Tender Batcave
C2 Charge of the Batmobile
C3 Prince-Trust
C4 Joker Flies to Gotham/Batwing
C5 Batwing II
C6 Batwing III
D1 Cathedral Chase
D2 Waltz to Death
D3 Showdown I/Showdown II
D4 Finale
D5 Prince-Scandalous
D6 End Credits


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*This release upon request can be shipped in a poly sleeve to avoid seam splits, we do not have extra jackets for this release* 

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