Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)


Storm (Limited to 150)
Icelandic Murder Ballad Swirl (Limited to 200)
Test Press BUNDLE (3 Total copies: One of EACH ETR webstore variant + Test Press in hand numbered alt artwork sleeve /24)
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  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)
  • Evesdroppers - The Evesdroppers (ETR187)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with Filthy Note Records and Casual Madness proudly present The EvesdroppersThe Evesdroppers are Bam Margera, featuring members of CKY, HIM, Bad Brains, Gnarkill and Arch Enemy. Available on vinyl for the first time, with six bonus tracksThe Evesdroppers is a 2xLP housed in a gatefold jacket, featuring artwork by Christopher Shy. This pressing is limited to 500 copies, across 3 color variants. 

Available Variants (ETR Exclusives)
Storm (Limited to 150)
Icelandic Murder Ballad Swirl (Limited to 200)

Limit of 2 per color

Mondo will also have a variant (Silver and Black Split, Limited to 150), which will be on sale later next month.

Artwork by Christopher Shy
Vinyl Remastering by Dave Marino
Produced by Mike Nappi, Rich Gavalis and Bam Margera

Side A
Dance With The Devils
Icelandic Murder Ballad
9 Lives
Red Hot Panic Switch

Side B
Empty Vessel
God's Ocean
My Old Mind
The Storm
Coming Home

Side C
Calling The Rain
Love Is Dead
Come On
Vacant Thoughts

Side D
All My Friends Are Dead

Important Notes, Please Read: This release will begin shipping next week and will take a few weeks to ship all orders out (we are a small business with limited on-site staff), so depending on how quickly you place your order on release day, it's a factor as to when your order will be shipped. Please be patient, once your order ships you will get tracking information.

Please be aware that Priority Mail orders WILL SHIP FIRST, so if this is needed ASAP for a gift then please choose Priority Mail. This release, upon request, can be shipped outside of the jacket to avoid seam splits. This album comes mailed inside of the jacket with shrink wrap on the outside.

We do not have any extra jackets for this release in case of minor damage by the USPS in transit. To clarify, It will come packaged in a full-color jacket (as pictured) in shrink wrap UNLESS requested in the comment section of your order to "open the album & place outside of the jacket prior to shipping." This is a good way to prevent potential seam splits along the top of the jacket due to careless handling by the post office, and this service is free of charge.

If you forget to write in the comments of your order about shipping outside of the jacket, PLEASE EMAIL US WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER and ask us to update the notes on your order to ship outside of the jacket. Release days are hectic, especially the first few hours, so please give ample time for a response. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

The photos shown for this release are not mock-ups, this is the in-hand product. Please keep in mind that no two records will look the same, but they will share similar characteristics and are a unique blend of colors.

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