DEADGUY - Driving You Straight To Hell Bootleg 1995/1996 VERY limited cassette (Distro)


Red (THIS) - Deadguy: Killing Music Documentary variant
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SuperNova Records presents Driving You Straight To Hell Bootleg 1995/1996, featuring mid-1990s live recordings from infamous New Jersey-based noise-fueled hardcore icons DEADGUY.

A limited fan-aimed cassette release, Driving You Straight To Hell Bootleg 1995/1996 includes two live sets from DEADGUY in their peak/most infamous form while signed to Victory Records. Side A features a set recorded live in New York City in 1995, as performed by the seminal Fixation On A Coworker lineup not long before its dissipation and the band’s reformation. Following the band’s separation, as several members moved to Seattle to form Kiss It Goodbye, the Side B set was recorded in New York City in 1996 with the Screamin’ With The Deadguy Quintet lineup.

Side A’s set is previously unreleased, and although the B Side set was initially released by Hawthorne Street Records, both original recordings on Driving You Straight To Hell Bootleg 1995/1996 have been put through a full audio restoration and mastering process by Today Is The Day/SuperNova Records’ Steve Austin and the arsenal at his Austin Enterprise studio. Noisy, abrasive, and raw, the chaotic live attack of DEADGUY is here delivered to fans like a time capsule from the band’s short-lived lifespan which has left an undeniably diehard cult following ever since.


Distributed at the premiere screening of the "Deadguy: Killing Music" documentary.

100 on Red (THIS) - Deadguy: Killing Music Documentary variant
100 on Blue - SuperNova Records variant
100 on Orange - Band / Friends and family variant

Side A recorded at a house show in New York City in 1995.
Side B recorded at CBGB's in New York City in 1996, also appearing on "I Know Your Tragedy".



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