Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)


Silver Armor with Blood Splatter (Limited to 500)
Black (Limited to 500)
Please select a Variant Option:
  • Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)
  • Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)
  • Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)
  • Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)
  • Beowulf Soundtrack By Alan Silvestri(ETR152)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with Warner Records proudly presents Music From The Motion Picture Beowulf. Composed and Conducted by Alan SilvestriBeowulf is available on vinyl for the first timeBeowulf features score tracks as well as songs performed by Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, House of Cards) and Idina Menzel (Rent, Wicked, Frozen).  Directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary (based on the Old English epic poem), the 2007 CGI fantasy action film features an all-star cast, with a powerful musical accompaniment.  

Available Variants
Silver Armor with Blood Red Splatter, Limited to 500 Copies
Classic Black, Limited to 500 Copies

Track Listing 

Side A
1. Beowulf Main Title (00:56)
2. First Grendel Attack (01:53)
3. Gently As She Goes (01:37)
performed by Robin Penn-Wright
4. What We Need Is A Hero (01:42)
5. I'm Here To Kill Your Monster (01:49)
6. I Did Not Win The Race (02:18)
7. A Hero Comes Home (01:09)
performed by Robin Penn-Wright
8. Second Grendel Attack (04:03)
9. I Am Beowulf (04:34)
10. The Seduction (04:04)

Side B
11. King Beowulf (01:46)
12. He Has A Story To Tell (02:42)
13. Full Of Fine Promises (01:13)
14. Beowulf Slays The Beast (06:02)
15. He Was The Best Of Us (05:25)
16. The Final Seduction (02:26)
17. A Hero Comes Home (End Credits Version) (03:13)
performed by Idina Menzel




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