Anthony Green - Boom. Done. (Distro Title)


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  • Anthony Green - Boom. Done. (Distro Title)
  • Anthony Green - Boom. Done. (Distro Title)
  • Anthony Green - Boom. Done. (Distro Title)

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Anthony Green - Boom. Done. (RELEASED BY BORN LOSER RECORDS)

After Anthony Green left rehab in 2020, he started writing a song called “I Don’t Want to Die,” a sentiment that captures the raw, sometimes heartbreaking, but also hopeful nature of his new solo record, Boom. Done. Known as the lead singer of Circa Survive and Saosin—just to name a few projects from his extensive body of work—Green struggled with addiction to the point of actually losing his life for up to 8 minutes. On top of overdosing, he was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. To process all this, Green turned to music to find strength: “I did not want to live the remainder of my life as an addict. Writing the record was a way to cope. . .”

Boom. Done. is Green’s first solo album to feature a full band, members of which Green called upon to help him write and create. Featuring Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin of Good Old War, the earnest songs pull us through Green’s introspective journey to recovery.

In “I Don’t Want to Die” we watch him stumble and grow, we watch him move from isolation, “hanging vulnerable in darkness on the ocean floor,” to triumphantly asserting his will to live. 

Track Listing
So It Goes
I Don't Want To Die Tonight
Don't Dance
Center Of It All
Maybe This Will Be The One
Trading Doses
No Other Choice
Pleasure Of The Feast
Fucks Me Up

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