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Enjoy The Ride and Enjoy The Toons are proud to announce our limited edition soundtrack release from the 1994 cult classic film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Available on Cassette tape in an ETR webstore exclusive championship ring metallic gold shell (Limited to 100) with alternate artwork by Steven Wild. A limited edition Red Cassette (Limited to 200) is also available while supplies last

Track Listing 
1. Power Of Suggestion - Steve Stevens 
2. All Ace's - Ira Newborn 
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Robert John 
4. Psychoville/Ace Race - Ira Newborn 
5. Mission: Impossible - Lalo Schifrin 
6. Ace Of Hearts - Ira Newborn 
7. Warehouse - Ira Newborn 
8. Finkle And Einhorn - Ira Newborn 
9. Ace In The Hole - Ira Newborn 
10. Ace Is In The House - Tone Loc

*Due to the limited nature of the cassette, each order is limited to 3 cassettes or less

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