ABSINTHE FILLED- Scotty Doesn't Know 7" (ETR076)

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  • ABSINTHE FILLED- Scotty Doesn't Know 7" (ETR076)
  • ABSINTHE FILLED- Scotty Doesn't Know 7" (ETR076)
  • ABSINTHE FILLED- Scotty Doesn't Know 7" (ETR076)

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 Enjoy The Ride Records is proud to announce the release of Lustra's hit single, "Scotty Doesn't Know," in a limited edition liquid filled absinthe vinyl variant. Lustra made their presence known after their song "Scotty Doesn't Know" was featured in the film Eurotrip. Shortly after, the tune became a US Billboard Top 50 Hit Single.

The variant is pressed on an Ultra Clear 7" filled with green absinthe colored liquid. The album is DOUBLE THICK and weighs around 120 grams per record. This is a limited edition pressing of 45 records, which will be available exclusively via the Enjoy The Ride Records website (www.enjoytheriderecords.com)

Side A
Scotty Doesn't Know

Side B
Scotty Doesn't Know (The Second Coming)


DISCLAIMERS (yeah, there are a few for this release) - While this record contains an absinthe-like substance, it does not contain alcohol and is not for consumption, or you'll be asking yourself "what the f**k did I do last night?"

This record cannot be combined with any other albums during shipping, so please DO NOT place an order with any other item. DO NOT order more than one. If so then your order will be refunded.

 Gramovox (Vertical Turntable) Users: Due to the thickness of this record, it is not recommended for use on any vertical turntable. We were able to try it out , but due to the double thickness of the disc, it is difficult to lock in place. This is not something we recommend. It is meant to be played on a standard flat turntable.

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