Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)


Devils Delight (Red Flame Explosion) Limited to 100
Neon Pink Alien inside Clear with Teeth Splatter (Limited to 200)
Solid Silverball (Silver Vinyl)
Alien Color in Color with Splatter
Spinning Pinball (Pinwheel)
Please select a Variant Option:
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)
  • Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks (ETR107)

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Enjoy The Ride Records Proudly Presents Devil's Crush and Alien Crush, composed by Toshiaki Sakoda. Available for the first time on vinyl and remastered for the format by Emmy Award Winner David Marino, this album includes tracks from the cult classic Crush Pinball games. Featuring artwork from Austin-based artist Cody Schibi, this album also includes bonus tracks chosen by Toshiaki Sadoda from his work on the Star Soldier series. 

1st Pressing Variants:
Alien Color In Color with Splatter (ETR Exclusive, Limited to 150 Copies)
Spinning Pinball (Retail, Limited to 200 Copies)
Solid Silverball (ETR Exclusive, Limited to 200 Copies)*
2nd Pressing Variants
Devil's Delight (Flames Explosion), Limited to 100 Copies
Neon Pink Alien inside Clear with Teeth Splatter, Limited to 200 Copies
Mondo Exclusive Split (Available Through Mondo's Webstore) Limited to 200

The photos shown are not mockups, they are images of the physical product. Each record is unique and no two will look exactly alike. 

* Note: The bulk of Solid Silverball are still in transit - this variant will ship mid-July (this will include the test pressing bundles). If you are ordering more items and want those to ship immediately, we encourage you to order the Solid Silverball separately.

Side A
Devil's Crush
Title Screen
Main Table
High Score Table
Bonus Table 1
Bonus Table 2
Bonus Table 3
Bonus Table 4
Score Tally 1
Score Tally 2
Score Tally 3
Score Tally 4
Extra Ball

Alien Crush
Lunar Eclipse
Demon's Undulate
Bonus Stage 1
Bonus Stage 1 Clear
Bonus Stage 2
Bonus Stage 2 Clear
Bonus Points
Extra Ball
Event 1
Event 2
Event 3
Event 4
Event 5
Game Over
The Best Five

Side B
Bonus Tracks - Star Soldier

Star Solider Title
Star Solider Stage 1
Star Solider Stage 2
Star Solider Stage 9
Star Solider Final Boss
Star Solider Ending
Star Solider Caravan Mode


These images are photographs of the actual records -  these are NOT mock-ups. With that said, and with any colorful vinyl record we design, we CAN NOT guarantee they will look exactly like this, and no two records will be exactly the same, especially those with splatter (you may receive a record with heavier or lighter splatter than pictured - we open a few samples and photograph the most consistent pattern we observe). Please keep that in mind when purchasing. 


This release will begin shipping next week. Please be patient, once your order ships you will get tracking information. Please be aware that Priority Mail orders WILL SHIP FIRST, so if this is needed ASAP for a gift then please choose Priority Mail. This release, upon request, can be shipped outside of the jacket to avoid seam splits. This album comes mailed inside of the jacket sealed with shrink wrap on the outside. We do not have any extra jackets for this release in case of minor damage by the USPS in transit. To clarify, It will come packaged in a full-color jacket (as pictured) sealed with plastic wrap UNLESS requested in the notes of your order to "open the album & place outside of the jacket prior to shipping." This is a good way to prevent potential seam splits along the top of the jacket due to careless handling by the post office, and this service is free of charge. If you forget to write in the notes of your order about shipping outside of the jacket, PLEASE EMAIL US WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER and ask us to update the notes on your order to ship outside of the jacket. Release days are hectic, especially the first few hours, so please give ample time for a response. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Strict limit of 2 per color per customer

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