Joseph Beaty- Our Hunger Never Sleeps (Distro Title)


Our Hunger Never Sleeps
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New York-based singer-songwriter Joseph Beaty aims to captivate music enthusiasts with his mesmerizing melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and dark sonic textures on his latest studio albumOur Hunger Never Sleeps. The album promises to be an enthralling journey into the depths of the human experienceexploring themes of love, longing, and dark desire

Featuring a collection of meticulously crafted tracks, Our Hunger Never Sleeps showcases Beaty's exceptional range both as a songwriter and vocalist and his penchant for crafting emotionally charged compositions. From the pulsing groove of "Whatever We Find" to the dark and winding turn of "Down Inside," each song on the album tells a unique story, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through the human condition

“I felt a lot of anxiety inserting myself back into the world after a long period of isolation. It made me think about what we do to survive. A seemingly endless loop, until it’s not. How we pick up what we need along the way. Hunger felt like a good way to explain my feelings and to also reconnect. Rejoin that loop.” - Joseph Beaty

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical genres, Beaty effortlessly combines elements of folk, goth, and indie rock, infusing his signature style into every note. His warm and soulful voice, coupled with his poetic lyricism, creates an intimate connection offering solace and encouragement in a world that can often feel chaotic, overwhelming, and bleak.

Norwegian Audio/Visual artist, Sanirams serves as Creative Director for the project. She has worked with Joseph to create a striking visual representation of the songs which will be released as a limited edition 12" vinyl record (limited to 100 copies). She has also contributed voice and violin on the track, "In The Blood." 


Other notable collaborations include New York violinist Alicia Macier VanScoy on the song, "Fool Enough" alongside experimental guitarist Joshua David Santmier of New Orleans. The album was recorded and mixed entirely by Joseph Beaty and mastered for vinyl and digital release by longtime friend and collaborator, Joseph Butera III of Georgia. 


Whatever We Find
In The Blood
The Swarm
I Might Remember
Down Inside
Fool Enough

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