Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)


Black Cassette with White Pad Print Housed in Cross Packaging (Limited to 250 total copies)
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  • Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)
  • Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)
  • Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)
  • Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)
  • Thoughts & Prayers Compilation Cassette Tape (ETR186c)

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Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with Filthy Note Records proudly presents Thoughts & Prayers. Available on cassette tape for the first time, this compilation was recorded by Jess Margera at Castle Bam

Featuring CKY, Evesdroppers (feat. Bam Margera), Lionize, Roadkiller, Sovereign Eagle, The Company Band, Unkle Matt & The Shitbirdz, as well as Mike Bardzik, Rattlesnake Brooks, Jamie Brown, Dave Brownsound, Cody Carpenter, Mike & Jessica Cummings, Daniel Davies, Brad Davis, Rob Dukes, Neil Fallon, Chuck Garric, Jean Genus, Chad I. Ginsburg, Chris Gordon, Anthony Green, Greta Hotmer, John Konesky, April Margera, Ava Margera, Jess Margera, Anders Odden, Rakeyohn, Rob Snyder, Joel Stroetzel, Tyler Stroetzel, Phillipa Tank, Rick Tate, Chuck Treece, Hank Von Hell, Dean Ween, Chris Weyh, Alyssa White-Gluz, Per Wiberg, and Vern Zaborowski. 

Thoughts and Prayers is housed in Maltese Cross Packaging, featuring art by Rob Israel. The cassette tape is Black with White Pad Print, and is limited to 300 copies.


Side A
Fuck Shit Help & Yeah
CKY, Hank Von Hell, Anders Odden

Twist of Cain
Chuck Garric, Dave Brownsound, Greta Hotmer, Jean Genus, Jess Margera

Goin Down
Neil Fallon, Chris Weyh, Vern Zaborowski, Rattlesnake Brooks, Jess Margera

Lady Strange
Sovereign Eagle, Rob Snyder, April Margera, Chris Gordon

Final Flight
Daniel Davies, Cody Carpenter, Jess Margera

Not Fragile
The Company Band

Battle of Brandywine
Lionize, Jess Margera

Woo Song (Song 2)
Anthony Green, Rakeyohn, Rick Tate, Chris Weyh, Phillipa Tank, Jess Margera, Mike & Jessica Cummings

Alive In The Night Of The Wicked (Pennsylvania Version)
Jess Margera, Daniel Davies, Chad I. Ginsburg, Per Wiberg

Isobel Gowdy
Roadkiller, Jess Margera

Bridges We Burn Light The Way
Jess Margera, Rob Dukes, Jamie Brown

Empty Vessel
Evesdroppers, Chuck Treece

Side B

Did You See Me?
Anthony Green, Ava Margera, Brad Davis, Chris Weyh, Jess Margera

Feelin Alright
Neil Fallon, Greta Hotmer, Mike Bardzik, Chris Weyh, Rattlesnake Brooks, Jamie Brown, Jess Margera

Spin Me
Greta Hotmer, Jess Margera, Tyler Stroetzel, Joel Stroetzel

Alive In The Night Of The Wicked (California Version)
Daniel Davies, John Konesky, Jess Margera

Gods Ocean
Evesdroppers, Alyssa White-Gluz

Chuck Garric, Daniel Brownsound, Jean Genus, Jess Margera

Humboldt County
Dean Ween, Jess Margera

Lost In Departures
CKY, Daniel Davies, Per Wiberg

Eminence Front
Unkle Matt & The Shitbirdz

As A Joke
Daniel Davies, Jess Margera

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