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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband, because Enjoy The Ride Records is bringing you Antoine Dodson featuring The Gregory Brothers Bed Intruder & Various Other YouTube Hits, on vinyl for the first time.
In Spring 2010, the news report of the Dodson's Lincoln Park home invasion went viral. By that summer, The Gregory Brothers (along with Auto-Tune the News) released "Bed Intruder Song," which peaked at number 89 in the Billboard Hot 100
-  the only song that week to enter the chart on iTunes downloads only. The original music video for "Bed Intruder Song" went viral, becoming YouTube's most popular video of 2010. The Gregory Brothers (which is technically comprised of three Gregory brothers and a sister) are no strangers to creating musical videos that go viral - the rest of the songs available on this EP are some of The Gregory Brothers greatest hits. 
This very limited test press bundles comes with BOTH color variants of release (Bandana Red & Double Rainbow Swirl) + a TEST PRESS housed in an actual red bandana reminiscent to the one Antoine wore in his infamous news interview. The test pressing is limited to a couple dozen made with a limited amount being sold to the public. So Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife & Grab One Of These Test Press Bundles While They Last!
Side A
1 Bed Intruder (featuring  Antoine Dodson
2  Backin Up Song (featuring Diana)
Side B
3  Double Rainbow (featuring Yosemitebear)
4  Oh My Daym (featuring Daym Drops) 
5 Can't Hug Every Cat (featuring Cara Hartmann)

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